The Photography of John G. Bullock

An Idle Moment, On Fence Near Salem, circa 1898 by John G. Bullock

An Idle Moment, On Fence Near Salem, circa 1898.

John Griscom Bullock (1854-1939) was an American photographer who was associated with the "New School" of photography. The New School emphasized the creation of soft-focus and impressionistic images. Bullock's work focused on rural life and the countryside, to which he often traveled, but also showcased his family and friends. Bullock's work is the essence of pictorial photography, or simply pictorialism: the focus on composition rather than a true representation of reality. His work can however provide a look at his surroundings in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 

This exhibit offers an overview of Bullock's work spanning over four decades and has been divided into three sections: scenes of rural life, portraits of family and friends, and landscapes.

The entire collection, which contains 1,154 images, is available in UMBC Special Collections at the Albin O. Kuhn (AOK) Library.  A full digital collection is forthcoming. 


To navigate within the exhibit, use the main navigation tabs on the right side of the screen or bottom of the screen if viewing from a device. Viewers can click on individual photographs throughout the exhibit to enlarge the high resolution image, to learn more about the image, and to obtain citation information. 


Jessica Riley and Sarah Klimek, Special Collections, Alibn O. Kuhn Library & Gallery, UMBC